Center for Sport Concussion Research and Service

Welcome to the Center for Sport Concussion Research and Service. Our center is currently home to one of the leading facilities focused on traumatic brain injuries in athletics.

The center uses leading edge technologies such as a Virtual Reality(VR) incorporated with brain imaging tools, such as fMRI, DTI, MRS, ASL, SWI and EEG, to examine the alteration of brain functions/structures in concussed individuals. The multidisciplinary research and service are focused on both collegiate athletics and pediatric populations.

The center has three main functions, which are:


Ongoing research into how concussions affect the brain and motor, primarily balance and oculomotor functions in athletes. Research has also been done on the use of virtual reality in assessing concussions and when the athlete will safely be able to get back in the game. See the publications page for details.

Clinical Services

The center provides testing services to the Penn State athletic community for sports which have a high probability of their athletes having a concussion. The center also provides those services to local high schools as well.


The Center has graduated several undergraduate and graduate students who have successfully acquired various research and educational positions. We currently have 15 undergraduate students participating in research on concussion. Expanding the knowledge for students to go out into the world and help society is an integral part of what our Center does.


Our mission will provide the most advanced and thorough treatment to athletes past, present, and future - ultimately improving their quality of life both on and off the athletic field.

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You can also read a more in depth explanation of our mission statement.